Fuels & Lubricants

BrightStar Propane & Fuels offers high-quality liquid fuels and lubricating products to meet the needs of industrial, commercial and government users across the Central Ohio region. When BrightStar is your supplier, competitive pricing, assured supply and efficient delivery are part of the deal.

Like you, we’re economy-minded when it comes to buying fuel and oil products. We follow the energy market constantly. Our experienced professionals will work with you to tailor management solutions that maximize your value and minimize your risks in today’s fast-changing environment.

Fuels to meet your business needs

Whether your fleet is large or small, standard or specialized, BrightStar has the fuels you need in the grades and quantities you need. Our offering includes:

  • Diesel fuel, biodiesel, ultra-low sulfur and renewable diesel;
  • Performance-enhancing  additives for cold flow improvement  for your fleet.

Lubricants and related products

A complete line of quality lubricants (in bulk or packaged forms) will meet all your needs for industrial, commercial or passenger vehicles. BrightStar also provides antifreeze, chemicals, filters and related products. We follow the market to bring you the best available products and prices.

Support services available from BrightStar include keep-full delivery, sale or lending of lube equipment, on-site lube surveys and fleet maintenance oil surveys. Our experienced team can also provide expert advice in selecting the best lubricants for specialized needs.

Fuel solutions to manage your costs

Volatile prices in an increasingly complex marketplace make managing a fuels budget harder than ever. BrightStar’s expert team understands the economic challenges our customers face. Together, we can create solutions to better manage your costs.

We sit down with you to understand your business goals, special needs and risk sensitivity, then design a tailored program for fuel supply and risk management.  Among the tools we offer as fuel solutions:

  • Inventory management technologies to protect you from over- or under-buying;
  • Operability management to guard against losses in fuel storage and dispensing.

BrightStar sweats the details – so you can rest assured. Your fuel solutions will make economic sense, and the fuel will be there when you need it.

For more details about diesel, download our Safety Data Sheet.

In Case of Emergency Call: 1-800-264-1907

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